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Oculus Quest 2 Screen Tearing

Level 2

Hi! I have been using Oculus for almost a year now, a great product, but i have a problem.

Not always it's been like that, but there is a small chance that after loading into a game my screen will start tearing and lagging\freezing. 

It takes many seconds for my hands to move (when i move them of course) and if i will turn and look back, i will just see a black space. I dont even know how to describe this, but basically the image just getting ripped and torn apart, like a jelly. I am using AirLink and i cant actually tell after which action this starts to happen

EDIT UPDATE: By using the console, i found an error that was detected the moment oculus started tearing (the tearing could be seen ONLY on oculus quest 2, but not on pc)

{!ERROR!} [RemoteHeadset] [Aggregated 31 times] 1. Could not retrieve round trip frame timing

And basically a lot more of these errors that are about framerates. It feels like oculus cant catch up with PC

Since im not a VR Wizard, i wont any more and let the professionals help (i hope yall will help)



Level 3

same here

Level 3

except it happens all the time for me now

Yeah, it happened to me yesterday and kept tearing when i was retrying

Hi @Filthy_Kermo! We can see this is less-than-ideal for your VR experience and we want to see how we can help your headset display. Please PM us or reach out to our email and chat teams HERE, and please include screenshots of the screen tearing you see inside the headset. Thanks!