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Oculus Quest 2 not pairing with iphone

Level 3

I have tried everything but from new, the Quest 2 doesn’t pair with my phone.  It is linked to my account, but cannot pair it. I have performed all the suggested things on the app and on the webs site. Nothing works. It can’t see the controllers either.  Useless. 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there Pily_Camacho! We see you've been doing everything to try to get your device and controllers to pair to your phone. We appreciate the effort and understand how frustrating all this can be.  Let's get you over to support for some 1 on 1 troubleshooting so we can get this going in the right direction. If you follow this link here, we will be happy to dig into this with you. 

I have had a support ticket open for a month now. I sent in my less than 6 month old quest two for a dead pixel. They sent me out a replacement headset. while waiting oculus updated to meta so once I got my headset it won’t pair to my account. They said just wait. Then they said to do a factory reset So I did then try factory reset and all the other fixes they suggested. They said they are aware of the issue and it will be fixed soon. It will not it has been a month since they told me that. If it was able to be fixed it would have been. My replacement stays on the screen to pull the tabs out of the controller and the 5 digit code. I can open the app and enter the code but it says it can’t pair headset.check Bluetooth turn off on etc. i can see the oculus connected to my Bluetooth so I know that and the WiFi are working but it still won’t pair. I have factory reset and it will auto detect the code but still says it won’t pair.  I have sent at least 15 photos of my issue all my information serial numbers etc. I even logged out of all oculus apps Facebook ended all sessions factory reset then turned back on and logged in to app still nothing. I have even tried to reset the controllers they way they specified and they won’t even connect to the new headset and I can’t get on to settings because again the headset won’t go past the 5 digit controller pairing screen. I can cord it to my computer and the computer oculus app can see the oculus but I still can’t go past the pairing screen. I even got on the support site to see if my replacement was eligible for replacement and when I add the serial. Number it says the meta quest 2 serial number can not be found so they sent me somthing that is invalid and probably why it won’t connect to meta it’s not a meta version headset I have asked them to let me send it all back for one that works or a refund they just keep trying to get me to do more troubleshooting. There is nothing more I can do. All the people who are just now buying them have no issues since they are already logging in with meta and not merging. I have told them to now rectify this situation since it has been a month of waiting or I will go to court for my money back if they continue to refuse sending me a headset or complete replacement that will work !! 


This links sends me to a page where my issue is not listed. I have a 12000 pesos paper weigh now. Please help me. I see I'm not the only person with this issue.  😞 

Level 2

Gizmo.paitynjean I have exactly the same problem. Received a refurbished device as a warranty replacement over 3 weeks ago now and have been unable to pair with the app. Have tried everything that support have suggested, but nothing works! They claim that I may be experiencing a known problem, and that a specialist engineering team is investigating, but are unable to provide any updates from the engineering team, or give an estimate as to when the problem might be fixed. They also seem unwilling to swap the refurbished device for a new one, to see if that fixes the problem. 

Level 3

I was online with the chat for about 45 minutes trying to fix it, but we couldn't... let's hope this fixes soon, because the Quest 2 was not cheap and I've been trying to use it for 3 months now... 😞 It was supposed to be a birthday surprise for my kid, but now is the most expensive paperweight I have ever had.