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Oculus Rift Black screen

Level 3

Just received a new Alienware m15 r5 with Ryzen 9500HX and RTX 3070 and Can't seem to properly connect the oculus. The oculus headset just goes blank when during setup at the stage to continue configuration on headset.


Couple of troubleshooting I've done:

1. reinstall oculus

2. Tried the Rift oculus patch march 2018

3. Double check the device on another machine and confirm the device is fine


So couple of thing that I want to know if it's a known issue.

1. Any known issue with Ryzen mobile processor and NVIDIA GPU with oculus?

2. Any issue with HDMI 2.1 port?


Any suggestion is much appreciated 


Accepted Solutions

Level 3

Should have tried older nvidia driver also it seems to be ok with older driver. All good now

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Level 3

Should have tried older nvidia driver also it seems to be ok with older driver. All good now

Level 5

what driver did u use?

I just use the latest NVIDIA driver from dell

Level 15

Do you see anything in the hmd? But all sensors, Touch and the HMD are properly detected? (=all devices green under Devices setting).

After installing the Oculus software, if all devices are properly connected, you could try to Repair the installation, thus do not reinstall, only repair. 

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Level 2

Hello there,


i seem to have the same problem as you, how were you able to solve it? (mine shows a black screen upon connection with either Air Link or Oculus Cable Link) but audio and pointer shows it is working just that there is a Solid Black Color Fill blocking everything.


Tried same thing on an alienware r4 and works fine.


I think the problem is having dual GPU. if i use the dedicated GPU it works fine but crashes, once i reactive my 2nd gpu 3070 that's the time it slows down. 


Please help and advice me.

Level 4

I just threw my Rift S down a flight of stairs after much shredding, skipping, tearing and poor framerates trying to play MSFS2020. Smashed it good. It felt great. You should try it. I got a Quest 2 too. It also sucks for flight sims.

this is a solution.

Level 2

help! just connected rift, I usually use with the desktop, to new gigabyte g5kd with rtx3060, downloaded rift player, problem is hdmi is not being detected in the software, however the computer screen is playing through to the headset (usually only turns on when you wear it) used the latest geforce driver 512.15 which didnt work, used an older one I could find on the geforce site for that gpu 472.12, still no luck. saw in a community thread about using a (externally 12v) powered usb hub so went out and got one and still no good. Also checked that Nividia control panel had the Prefered Graphics processor pointed to the gpu, Power Management  set to maximum.PhysX selected to the GPU, box ticked for dedicate to PhysX.  Definately seems like a software problem since it works fine on the desktops 1060 and 1050ti plus image is streaming into the headset. Still no solution, sad situation  since this rift has been great for making things in medium and quill, I was hoping to be more independent than stuck on the desktop tower. Anyone got a solution? oculas fix this up since I prefer to stay on this platform.

Hello luxvr! The Rift is only fun when it works properly, and when there's a bunch of potential areas for error, it can get awfully stressful going through all the possible issues. We would love to throw our 2 cents into the conversation and hopefully release some of the troubleshooting induced stress! Thanks for providing all the steps you have taken, it really helps narrow down the rest of the troubleshooting we have available! 


First, we recommend to not use any type of extender or USB hub and to make sure that both your PC's monitor and headset's HDMI cable are plugged into the GPU and not the motherboard. We also recommend to plug in the USB cable into your computer before plugging in the HDMI and to check for any bends or kinks in the cable or bent pins on the HDMI insert! Also please check for any USB power saving settings turned on as these settings can effect the devices power:

  1. Open Device Manager
  2. Locate your USB ports
  3. Right click and select Properties
  4. Navigate to Power Management
  5. Ensure that the options to save power are deselected

Secondly, We recommend repairing your Oculus PC software to get a clean instillation of the program! Steps for repairing the Oculus PC software can be found below: 

  1. Download and run the Oculus Installation Software, (
  2. You will see a screen which says "Already Installed".
  3. Click the "Repair" option, and confirm again on the next screen.

WE hope this helps! If these steps don't prove to be useful, then we recommend to submit a support ticket through the link here:! There we will be able to take a deeper look into the issue and get your information over to our specialized team! Please be sure to put as much detail as you did here when submitting your support ticket to speed up the process! The support agent will likely want to take a look at your log files, please also attach these in your first email. To find out how to collect the log files, please follow the link here: Log files! We look forward to hearing back from you!