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Oculus Rift CV1 Orange light, no display

Level 2
hello, i just got a new vr headset from one of my friends, and had set up everything as i was supposed to, it says everything is connected and active but it shows a orange light in my headset with no display. just a black screen. on another note, when i open a app like touch basics, my headset light turns white, but still has no display.

im running it on a asus tuf fx505du

kinda bummed out about this :neutral: if anyone could help that would be awesome

Community Manager
Community Manager
Hey @t4lib4n reinstalling your graphics drivers as well as reseating the cable behind the facial interface may resolve this. If it persists, gather your diagnostic logs and create a ticket. - Principe

Level 3
9 times out of 10 this is usually due to a lack of power from the USB port. Try a different port. Plug one cable in at a time, wait a little and see which USB port makes the light go orange. P.S. Try the ports at the back of the computer, as these are connected directly to the Motherboard.

You can also try unplugging anything else (USB related) that is not required when playing VR.
P.S. How many sensors are you using? - three draws a fair bit of power. Both sensors should be in a USB 3 slot (blue).

Let me know if you still have issues.

I've got this issue also. It's been nearly six months and I left it plugged into the PC. It's setting on the desk and I'm haunted by the orange flashing every day. Have upgraded to a Q1, but using link is definitely not the same nor dev-friendly as using Rift for PIE in the Unreal editor, for instance (frequently being disconnected from link, not recognized by Unreal unless the headset is in Rift link mode before Unreal is launched, etc.). 

Already updated all of my GFX drivers and reseated the cable. Uninstalled the Oculus desktop app and all local setup files and then re-installed, sent logs at least three times to Oculus support now. Nobody from support ever has a good solution. Youtubers claim it's a faulty cable, but my cable is in good condition as far as I know, and this started occurring after a DriverBooster update to all of my drivers. Did a test in the Windows SDK USB lister tool and it seemed that the headset was registered but lacking recognition data. In any case, Oculus should be way more supportive of this issue. I know they've sunset the CV1, but Quest is not a good alternative for serious developers wanting to quickly test their work in-engine.