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Oculus Rift: "Fatal Error. Please reload Dash to continue.

Level 2

How do I resolve this the "fatal error. Please reload Dash to continue" once and for all.   It happens every day and wont allow me to play.  Happens both with the beta and regular versions.  How can META never correct such an annoying issue?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey TheSilkMan! We see how this error message is a barrier between you and your VR experience, and we want to help. Take a look here for the instructions to correct this. If you continue to experience issues after trying these steps, please send us a PM so we can look further into this for you.


Please click here or on our name to get to our profile page, then click "Send a Message" to privately contact us. Please remember, you must be signed into the community first to send us a private message.
Level 2

Take a look here for the instructions to correct this = This page isn't available?