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Oculus Start Forum Not Available?

Level 3
It seems I have an issue, I am trying to view a link sent to me in an email  via the Oculus Start program for the Oculus Start Forum, however when I attempt to view the forum it appears blank with no discussions found, I am guessing that I am missing permissions to access this forum even though I am a member of the program?, I have also tried manually finding a link on the website and following that with the same results.

Any ideas?


Level 3
I also find myself in the same situation as you. I was initialized into the program received an email and found myself lacking permission to do anything in the "Exclusive Oculus Start Forums".

Level 3


Can you confirm your ability to access these forums now?

Yes it now functions as intended thanks to Brian

Level 3
Hey @imperativity! I'm in the same boat, just got accepted into Oculus Start (many thanks!) and trying to get into the Oculus Start Forums 🙂 Where should I go? Thanks! 

Level 3
Hi there, i'm in the same boat I got accepted in February and just noticed I didn't have access to it, could you help me out?


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Greetings @imperativity ,

I'm in the same situation; I sent an email to the email address provided on the received newsletter, as suggested there, if I had no permissions to access the forums, but maybe you didn't receive my email as the email address provided was "+oculusta(...)@(...)" and I deleted the "+" symbol, thinking it should be an email-format issue. So I have been waiting for some weeks trying to not disturb you insisting, but now I tried to search for some info about this on Google and found this thread.

(On the email I also asked about changing all my account settings into English, as some of them are in Spanish because it's my selected country, I supose. So, it could be possible too, please?)

Thank you very much and best regards!

Level 3
Don't worry Imperativity and thank you very much! So efficient! :open_mouth: 🙂

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test comment - to be deleted immediately

Edit: unable to delete (Just wanted to see if "Start Member" tag was active)

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What Alexotronic said and apparently not...(?)

NPR_Terry said:

What Alexotronic said and apparently not...(?)

where is your start badge?
seems people's start tags are not working