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Oculus TV: All my 180 SBS photos and videos appear as 2D images

Level 2

IMG_20220621_160641_00_425_LQ.jpgI have lots of photos and videos I created with Insta360 Evo stereo camera, which are then converted to SBS Jpegs and Mp4s by the application that comes with the camera.


Then I transfer all these photos to the quest using the USB cable, so I am watching them as local content.


The first time, all images appear as 2D images. and I have to manually switch them to 180 SBS, which is extremely painful because I have to do it on every image, one by one.


- Why OculusTV is unable to detect these images are stereo SBS?

- Is there a way to set image metadata so OculusTV will recognize the images as 180 SBS?

- is there a way to add some sort of json configuration to accompany every image so it will be recognized?




Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there! Having Oculus TV will recognize the images as 180 SBS is not a current feature of the app. We love ideas especially when it can improve the customer experience. Feel free to post this idea HERE.

Level 2

Thanks for your answer but I can't accept handling this issue as an "idea":   The fact that Oculus TV is unable to identify and display media correctly is a bug.