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Oculus has too much stores

Level 3


Some games are nowhere in the windows Oculus store app but findable in the in-quest store app so you can waste your time very easily if you look for a game.


Can you fix this please?


The Rift and Quest stores serve different hardware and so show only the games relevant to that hardware. There are many games in common but certainly not all. Lots of people already complain about buying Rift games for their Quests by mistake - it would be much, much worse with a single combined store.

Level 3

The windows oculus is already an unified store (you can read compatibility conditions for each game, and the store is only named Oculus) and my Quest was connected to my PC. There's no reason that some games are unfindable.


Which games (that you know exist on Quest) could you not find? When your Quest was connected to the PC, were you using Link or Airlink and viewing the store in the headset? If you were, you will have been looking at the Rift store, as the Quest is acting as a Rift in that situation, ie just a display device. You wonlt find any Quest games that way.