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Oculus issues persist judder/stutter after formatting.

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I just had my pc wiped again, and was having issues with stutter and judder. I own two rifts and the both have the same issues on my pc,  and no I’m not trying to use them at the same time. This happens usually when something new happens on screen like someone starts talking, a scene loads etc. The performance struggles for a few then returns to normal then repeats.
 I’ve dealt with this for a while now but never found the answer.
When I look in devices in the rift software if I place a finger over the sensor that turns the hmd on it tells me the rift has poor tracking quality, then if I remove my finger from it it goes right back to normal, until the headset goes on again and it tells me that again. This happens with both my rifts.
Also when I look at my windows pc monitoring software it keeps telling me games are not responding, then they go back to normal, then “game” is not responding on a loop. All drivers are up to date, newest fall creators update installed. Oculus is showing green lights on everything. Please help. Anyway I can send my pc to oculus to evaluate? I’ve tried everything for about a year and have always had issues. All I want to do is play my rift (sob)

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I know this is old but I'll chime in.

Disable fullscreen support through EXE properties. (You'll see a check box that says disable full screen optimization)

I'm using the new Dash (Beta channel) but have notice a few thing that increase performance. 

I put the headset on before opening oculus

I have a virtual keyboard and oculus tool open through Dash desktop (I'm dumbfounded by it but have notice an increase performance in my games)  

For the Game other suns disable ASW (Start the game up normally and then disable using the debug tool through Dash desktop / Don't take off your headset, also make sure virtual keyboard is open. Still don't understand and although the frame rate is the same I notice a smoother performance)  

Gtx 1080ti. I7 6700k, 32 gig ddr4 2133, 550 gig ssd / Hope this helps. 

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Oh one more thing, when every you update anything, re-do the sensor setup. (The new build makes this very easy)  

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 I know that I haven’t replied to this in forever but thank you for chiming in on this discussion man.  Since the new updates and windows getting their act together a little better everything is running much better.