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Oculus quest 1 , Meta quest 1 Not support 3.2 gen 1 cable?

Well , i just  bought a new link cable for my quest 1 

some how it work really weird like 

when i connect to 2.0 port , it work 

if i connect to 3.0 port it only charge and not pop up anything??

my spec :

i5 11400F

Ram 16 Gb 

RTX 3060




Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello! We understand you're having trouble connecting your USB 3.0 cable cord to the device, and we understand you're concerned, but don't worry, we've got your back, and we'll get you all taken care of as soon as possible.


Could you please inspect the USB 3.0 cable to ensure it is not torn or otherwise damaged? If your cable cord is in good condition but still giving you problems, please open a support ticket here and one of our experts will gladly assist you.