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Oculus quest 2 goes to sleep in a few minutes

Level 3
I'm trying to watch Amazon Prime Video on Oculus quest 2.
But after a few minutes of watching the video, the screen goes black.
After that, by pressing the power button, the screen turns on and the Video starts playing.
Perhaps it seems that not moving the head is causing a problem.
Not moving my head for a few minutes causes the same problem with the Oculus Home.

I changed the time to sleep setting to 4 hours, but it still goes to black.
After trying many things, I found that the only way to keep it from turning black was to keep moving my head.

I want to watch Video without moving.
Please let me know if you have any solutions.


This method works! Thank you my friend. Still cannot believe how found this solution!

Level 4

Even after going through all the steps of becoming a developer and downloading extra developer software the problem still persists. I think it works only when plugged in though,

100% works for me! You're a hero, dude. Been talking with Oculus for MONTHS and they couldn't (or wouldn't) figure out what was wrong.

Level 2

This works for me as well, *but* I need to disable the Proximity Sensor via the Developer Hub each time I power off/on my Quest headset. Has anyone found a way to make the Proximity Sensor setting stick across power cycles?