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Party - Watching TV - Quest 2

Level 2

Hi there,


I am having trouble with not being able to join / teleport to my friends in a party. The 'Go' option is greyed out.

My aim is that I would like to use the Oculus / Meta TV app in a party so I can show my friends my 360 videos but having trouble doing this.

Any help would be most appreciated.






Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there! We appreciate you reaching out with this issue! We want to make sure you are able to enjoy the videos with your friends! 


We do recommend uninstalling and re-installing the app! 


Once this is done check the "Go" button and hopefully you can press on it!


We hope this helps!

Hi there. Thanks for your response but what app do I uninstall? There is no app. It is when you are in your home when you first turn on the Quest 2. I should be able to start a party and invite people to the party and for them to join me in my home.
I have done the 34 update and the Go option is still greyed out.
Is there any way I can share and watch my 360 videos with my Quest 2 friends?


Hi there. Oh! I see you mean the Party Venue option we have for our Quest 2. We actually  have a step for that when setting up and we can for sure lead you to that information! 


Please visit this link to check out our steps on setting this up and how to do it! 


And if this is still an issue, you can get with one of our wonderful agents to get this party started with those awesome 360 videos!


You can submit your ticket right here or have a live chat!