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Payment methods not working

Level 2

I have been having problems with adding payment methods to my account I’ve tried placing many cards and a pay pal but no luck I’ve made a purchase before with a US merchant I've tried switch devices and networks and network locations but nothing so what’s up ….


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello! We see you are having payment method issues. We know the discomfort this is creating and want to make sure you are able to buy that new game you want. 


If you can, please make sure your cards meet these requirements:


-Card must be associated with a billing address

-Card must have funds added/reloaded to it

-There are no purchasing restrictions placed on card

-Network can't have any purchase restrictions to prevent online payments

-Postal codes that do not follow the correct format "Invalid postal code"


If your card meets all these requirements but you're still experiencing issues, please open a ticket via live chat or even get a scheduled call with one of our awesome agents here. They will be able to look further into your payment method issues and get to the bottom of this!


We appreciate your time and patience! 

This bull crap, I just got my brother one for his birthday, he's used multiple cards and ready to throw it in the trash! What's the issue??? It would be very nice if you had a customer support number! This is crap