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Problems with Unreal Engine games with Rift S

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Hallo everybody!


I've been playing with Oculus Rift since the beginning (DK1), now I've had the latest version, the Rift S, for years.

Until about 2-3 months ago everything went wonderfully - I could play Oculus and Steam games. Now some update must have broken something, because quite a few games no longer work.


On Steam: Titans of Space, The Wanderer and the newly purchased Green Hell lag terribly - 1-2 FPS, uncontrollable! Half life Alyx runs absolutely smooth, with the highest settings...


First I thought that only Steam games are affected, but now I see that also from the Oculus Store quite a few games do not go.


On Oculus Store: Robo recall and The Assembly also run only with 1-3 FPS, uncontrollable... ☹️ But Mission ISS, The Kremer Collection, Nature Treks run smoothly! 😯


I noticed that these are all Unreal Engine games? Can this be the reason? Does anyone else have the problem? What can I do? I paid money for the games, and I can't use them at all anymore...


My setting:


1. Notebook MSI GT 73vr 6RE (i7-6820HK, four cores eight threads, 2,7-4,0 Ghz; NVidia 1070 GTX w 8 GB VRAM; 32 GB DDR4-RAM, 2x256 GB Raid4-M.2 SSD and 1x4 TB Sata-SSD; 120Hz LED-Display, SteelSeries3 Keyboard, Dynaudio Speakers...)

2. External graphic card with watercooling (Gigabyte AORUS Box, 2080ti w /11 GB VRAM)


1 and 2 are connected via thunderbolt cable. All this has worked flawlessly for years! But now... ☹️


Please help me!


Thank you.



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there! We know how important it is to have smooth running gameplay!


We suggest rebooting your router, and checking all your current drivers are up to date.


If this doesn't help, please reach out to our support team so we can check this out this for you. Just follow the link here.