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Purchased Bonelab on Quest 2. Was supposed to be a cross buy title, but not showing up in the PC app

Level 3

The new game Bonelab was supposed to be a cross buy title. Meaning, purchasing it on Quest 2 store meant you had the Rift (PC) version as well, and vica versa. 


Problem is, that while the website says I've purchased it and I've been playing it fine on the Quest 2. The Oculus PC app is still showing it as needing to purchase it for 39.99


I've tried contacting support (5662043) but they simply come back saying cross "play" doesn't work like that and PC and Quest 2 versions are different. Even though I was talking about cross buy.


I've noticed I am having the same issue with Vader Immortal 2 and 3. They are cross buy, are showing as purchased on Quest 2, but on PC app it still says I need to buy them. Weirdly enough Vader Immortal 1 is showing just fine on the PC app. It could be from other games too of which I might not even know they are cross buy, but do own.


I think something is wrong with my account, where the PC(Rift) store isn't properly linked to my Quest 2 store purchases or something. Hope someone has a solution.


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Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Huge shout out to everyone for bringing this up! Thank you all very much, that tenacity is seriously one of my favorite things about this community. 😁


Like @RelyksJ was saying, y'all brought this up here, reached out to support and got the attention of our engineers. They've been hard at work getting this sorted, and we can all be on the lookout for a fix to come rolling out pretty soon.


I appreciate you all and look forward to seeing everything our community can accomplish! 😎

Ad Astra Per Aspera, Trooper.

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Level 3

But Bonelab as well as the other games mentioned IS in fact cross buy.





Many people on Reddit and the developer's Discord are reporting it is working for them. Purchasing it on Quest 2 also unlocked it on the PC store for them. But many people (me being one) are also reporting it didn't work for them.


Meaning there is an issue with the account where cross buy titles are not showing up on PC.

Level 3

Cross-buy for this title does not work for me either. I got it on the quest platform but the rift platform is still making me pay for it.

Level 4

Same here. It Was the one reason I bought on quest and not on steam 

Same here, gonna have a lot of refund request if its not addressed.

Level 3

Same not working for me. Not playing until it’s resolved incase I pass the refund clock

Level 2

I'm having the same issue. Which is a bummer, because the Quest 2 performance isn't quite enough for me, wanted to switch over to PC and found I couldn't, even though it says it supports both systems on the store page. I hope they fix this soon.

Level 3

I am also having this issue.
Bought it on Rift last night and then booted up Quest 2 to try it out and it's making me pay £29 for it 😕 

Level 3

Looks like something the developer is going to have to bring up with the Oculus store.  The game is listed in the crossbuy section yet it's not working.  I would just say make the Developer aware of the issue as well as oculus store.

The developers clearly statet it will be crossbuy - im eager to play on but dont want to cross the 2h refund time window in case it is not cross buy