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Q2 colors are off compared to the monitor

Level 2

Here's a color comparison between my 8 years old monitor (not fancy at all) and the Q2 image. Took pics with my phone, so it's not the most accurate comparison, but gives the idea: 

color comparison.jpg

Is there a way I can manually adjust hue/color curves/whatever to make it look closer to the monitor's image? There are options for color blindness and different color ranges, so it does seem to be technically possible, but I can't find any options. I don't mind it as much when playing Q2 games, but when it comes to using Link it makes quite a difference (especially in VRC compared to playing in non-VR mode).


Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

I don't believe Quest headsets have the ability to adjust color calibration like a normal monitor does. This could be something you could suggest on our Ideas page as I'm sure there are other users who would also like this feature. Your monitor appears to be a bit high in saturation so I think that's why there's such a difference between the two images. However, having an option to adjust the colors to your preferences would be nice!