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Quest 1 problems during Initial setup

Level 2

I got the oculus quest from the store. The people working there had logged in to check if everything is fine and their acc stayed in. To remove it, I did the factory reset on the headphones, downloaded App and tried to do the Initial Set up. After inserting 5-digit Code, the app say it can't connect to the headphones. I tried everything on the list for the troubleshooting as well as 3 different WiFi sources and 2 different phones (with my acc). I did turned off and on multiple times phone and Headset, Bluetooth, WiFi, charged them both fully, reinstalled Oculus App etc. What can be the problem and does anyone have any idea to fix it? 


Level 3

i have the exact same problem!!

Hi GET-lab.breda and vis.archipelago! We appreciate all the troubleshooting you've done to get your Quest set up. We'd love to look into it further with you so please PM us here or submit a support ticket HERE. We'll help get your headsets up and running. Thanks!

Hi, since nothing else worked, I did another factory reset and it worked out. I managed to pair them and it works now. Hope it will help you too! 

We're so glad you were able to get your headset paired, vis.archipelago! Hope you have fun and if you have questions or further issues, feel free to reach out to us. Happy gaming!