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Quest 2 - Black Bars On Recording When Head Turns

Hello everyone,

So I am trying to record some Oculus Quest 2 footage for mine and my sons YouTube channel and I am having some issues. I have update V43 installed and I have the 256gb system. I go to “system” then to “camera” and turn the image stabilization to “medium” and then “Landscape 1920x1080” and the “fps to 36” I believe it is. In the headset it’s fine but when I watch it back on my computer I notice that whenever I turn my head you can see black bars come in on the left and right. I have been searching for answers for hours. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you



Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Hey hey! So those bars on the side when you turn your head might just be because of how that feature currently works. Stabilization can decrease field of view, so turning your head quickly can cause black bars on the side to compensate for that.


That being said, v44 is starting to roll out, and it has some new advanced camera settings just for stuff like this! While the stabilization feature is really awesome there, it can still decrease field of view and cause something similar to what you've explained. If you don't want to have any issues with the field of view, your best bet is going to be to either turn off or decrease the stabilization to minimize it from happening. 


Best of luck, and happy gaming! Maybe I'll see your videos sometime!

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