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Quest 2 - My Story

Level 5

I used to be a working Quest 2, my owner played games on me each day. 

Then my battery developed a charging fault so I had to be sent away. 

Support was excellent from Meta, and a refurbished brother came back to him, 

Now he sits on the shelf gathering dust and his OLEDS remain dim.


My owner tells me he cannot pair my brother to his Meta account
Due to the fault with their servers all he got was a digital voucher discount 

I'm told its hardware related on servers and mended it will be

Until that happens he sadly sits there gathering dust you see.

I am pleading with Meta to fix this, so we can all be reunited

I know my owner would be happy, he would actually be delighted.

However at present, he waits sadly, the pairing problem is bad

And my brother and his owner they are both feeling really sad.