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Quest 2 - Recording Video Corrupted

Level 2

Hi, I have recorded several really important videos before which relate to my study. Today, I try to move them to my computer and find out they are all corrupted, the size becomes extremely small and the video can no longer be played.

I then put them back on the Oculus, but they still cannot be played. And I remember they are fine before. Is there any way I can recover these video files as before, like resetting the headset to a certain date and status? Or could there be any copy of the video files stored somewhere else in Oculus? Those videos are extremely important to me. Looking forward to your help!


Level 4

Same. Corrupted video. 

Recording automatically stopped at 4gb file size, but after that it's not working anymore. The MP4 did not closed 

properly so it's impossible to play it.

Level 2

I got the same problem to. I think it started after I tried out the new recording features. I have reverted to original settings but it dosent seem to work. Still problems when ever the file becoms around 4 GB.