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Quest 2 air link

Level 3

So basically when i try to connect my quest 2 to my pc via airlink it wont work and im just stuck in a black loading screen and my pc says we cant find your headset. please connect your headset.
so if anyone got any ideas on what is wrong please let me know


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello! We understand you're eager to dive into the VR world, but we see you're having trouble connecting the device. Don't worry, we've got your back! Let's get this sorted out.


Could you please check to see if your PC is compatible with the device? More information is available here.


Please let us know if you need further assistance! 

Hello i have looked at the page of requirements and i have the required stuff. the problem could be that the graphicscard nvidia gtx 1650 ti is not supported or something cause i have all the specs if not

@Vofflan09 A GPU not being listed could be the reason Air Link doesn't seem to work. 


Does Link via cable work by chance? If it does, it could be your network settings so you might want to check the best practices for Air Link. (As for non-mesh network, that's just making sure there's no extenders).


Let me know if any of that seems to help out! 🙂

Okay so that might explain why airlink dosent work (the GPU not being listed). i will keep trying to see if i can figure something out and if i dont figure anything out thanks you either way for your help.

Of course! If you have any other Q's or C's just reach back out and I'd be glad to answer them to the best of my ability. 🙂