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Quest 2 cant connect to app even after sideloading new update.

Level 2

As the title says, I factory reset my quest since it wasnt able to pair to the meta account after the update and now I am stuck on the pairing screen on the quest. I have sideloaded the latest update to the quest however I am still unable to connect to the app.


At the moment I would be fine with only being able to use the quest as a pcvr headset however I seem to just have a glorified paperweight on my desk.

Are there any other known work arounds except sideloading the latest update? at that hasnt seemed to work.


Level 4

support also told me to factory reset and no improvment

now just checking daily for any news, but alas, meta is nowhere to be found


Dictionary lookup 

Meaning of meta in English

 /ˈmet̬.ə/ UK 
(of something that is written or performed) referring to itself or to something of its own type:
- It's a meta joke. It's sort of a joke about jokes.
- I am standing at my desk typing this about the oculus right now. It feels very meta.