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Quest 2 error message and Battery life via Link Cable - help please?

Level 2

Recently, during ARCH22 and a VR-EP demo on location, we’ve experienced some issues with the Oculus Quest 2.


  1. After starting the Quest 2, an error message (‘pending hardware issue) almost immediately appears. Are you familiar with this issue, and perhaps more importantly, on how to solve the issue for a longer period? My colleague was able to work around the issue by restarting the Oculus and disconnecting the cable. Nevertheless, the hardware error returns after the restart of the glasses.
  2. The battery of our Oculus Quest 2 seems very weak. The battery level decreases really fast during the VR-EP demo, even with the charging cord plugged in. My colleague told me he had to charge the Oculus 10 minutes prior to the actual demo to fulfill (a short) one. After the first demo, he had to charge the Oculus again for at least 15 minutes in order to set-up a new demo / new visitor. Are you familiar with this issue/the solution?