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Quest 2 + link. Desktop button missing from Dash in Home.

Level 4

This has just started happening.  I've just had an update on the PC Oculus app.  Anyone else seeing this issue?  Any ideas?


Oculus app version (


Accepted Solutions

Isn't that because the official release version is v44? Repair installation installs the official release version. Currently, official release version is v44. Pubric test version is v46 (has this problem). If we want to use v44, we don't need repair installation now. Just turn off PTC.

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Level 3

You may want to opt out of PTC for now if this is affecting your only PCVR machine. (Switch PTC off in the Beta tab, 'update', and you'll be back to normal.)


Try to remember that if you have PTC turned on, you asked for these updates, knowing that there might be issues. It's not all about early access to new features.

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Level 7

Yeah, desktop & plus button are missing at v46.


Level 3

Yh I have the exact same issue, it might be because of the recent update but not too sure.

Level 4

I've just noticed on my monitor that I have a mirror window with a title of "XRS Debug Window".  I'd swear I've never seen this before, but then it's not as if I ever pay much attention to what's going on on my monitor. 



Is this normal, or maybe I've inadvertently done something I shouldn't?

Level 2

Yes!  Same!  Help!!!!

Level 2

J'ai le même problème suite à la mise à jour !!!

c'est un bug !

Level 3

Same issue here. I spoke to support. They are looking into it.

Level 2

Dealing with it too. I just wanted to play some Beat Saber...

Level 3

Same Here and I fixed mine or it's a weird timing coincidence..  I went to settings (in windows)  - Apps - Scroll down to Oculus - Click it - Click Modify - Click Repair _ 😒 Wait for 5 GB to Download, It will auto reinstall - Then restart headset - My Desktop Button is back and I just clicked it.. Seems to be working fine..  Hope this helps you guys. Have a great weekend ❤️

Was just about to say this, can confirm this fixed it for me.