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Quest 2 loading steamvr issues

Level 2

Hi, ive got a bit of an issue regarding oculus link and steamvr and hoping someone can help. Whenever i use my quest 2 for oculus link and launch steamvr my cable magically disconnects from my pc and it kicks me off oculus link mode, this only seems to be when I launch steamvr apps including steam vr home which it automatically launches. I have tried everything I have seen online to fix it but still no fix for me. Note that I have a 3rd party link cable as I dont have a C type connection to my pc (like most people thanks oculus :)) Things I have tried:
Reinstall all software (steamvr & oculus, restarted my quest 2, all up to date including drivers for gpu and windows)
Changed USB ports (it is in a 3.0 slot with a VR ready text above it)
Changed OpenXR runtime to Oculus and Steamvr
Played with the debug tool, reverted back to default settings aswell
Tried lower resolutions and Refresh rates
Allowed unknown sources
USB power settings turned off

I have made steamvr and oculus programs priority in task manager
What im finding weird is that even when writing this with my headset connected to my pc off to the side im still occasionally getting notifications that it has been disconnected then instantly connected again and link isnt even running.
A few things to note:
Airlink works perfectly fine when using that (only reason I want to run regular wire is bc of battery life)
Gpu is handling fine with vr games (1070Ti) I had a HTC vive a while ago and no problems at all with that.
When testing the cable I get around 2 Gbps and its working fine with regular link just steamvr that cuts out.
Nothing else running just oculus and steamvr on my pc.
I have tried getting the cable to disconnect just by moving it around and never could get it to disconnect.
Cable is from kiwi design (they do quite a few quest 2 products and i was recommended to get their cable)


Level 2

Update: after 6+ long hours of troubleshooting it was the "VR ready" labeled USB port that was the problem, I swapped the port to the other "VR ready" USB port that was available on my motherboard and it still didn't work and I just assumed the other ones wouldn't work at all but here we are. Lesson learned, don't trust everything you see.