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Quest 2 refusing to pair

Level 3

hello, im having problems with my quest 2, after a factory reset it refuses to pair with my iphone 6s, i also heard im not the only one with this problem. Because others are having problems paring their headsets with their phones even though it has a strong connection, ive already talked to support and all they said was to wait and they gave me just 30$ store credit as if i can really do anything with that  when my headset is literally bricked on the pairing screen.


Level 3

Its literally been a month with this issue and the only fix is to sideload which i cant do because i dont have my pc because im moving

This issue has been a thing for about a month and a half now. I received a refurbished head set and we haven't been able to use it for over a month because of this pairing issue. Customer service is giving me the runaround and continues to try and close our ticket even though our issue isn't solved. They keep saying that "the engineering team is working on it" whatever that means. This is buisness is run so irresponsibly and they think it's a good idea to increase their prices? As someone else said some are able to sideload an update but that isn't working for everyone especially because not everyone has access to a PC. This whole situation is absolutely ridiculous and unacceptable. 

Only thing they gave me was store credit which i cant even use because im literally stuck on the pairing screen to set up the quest and it literally wont pair this company is literally trash when it comes to buggy updates and actually pushing out useful updates all i did was factory reset and boom i cant even use my quest

I just read on another thread that these headset will never work again because they are running on an old firmware that the apps are no longer running on. So what are they going to do? They better replace everyone's headset. Because again not everyone has a PC.

So what im hearing is i have to wait till i can update my vr when i get my pc back from storage? Thats beyond me

Level 2

I can't even run mine on my PC, It adamantly wants me to pair to the app only. Better off just getting a refund, seeing as support refuses to do anything.

Level 4

i returned mine and got another one

still wouldn't pair

waited 2 weeks with no support

returned that one too

forget this company and its products

gonna order the HP headset


Yeah, from what I read. The only way to fix it now is to sideload but that's not working for everyone either. Somepeople have done it and theirs still doesn't work but it's worth a try if you have a PC, especially if they haven't come out with some other fix by then. It almost feels like they are trying to push a bunch of customers out to repurchase and replace their Quests because of the significant price hike. I won't be doing that. I won't be purchasing anything from Meta again after this. They keep ignoring my requests for a refund as well.

Level 4

I just tried the sideload using a windows pc today and it worked


but now i'm searching for a new problem, the video image resolution for quest 2 is really bad, compared to oculus go headset