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Quest2 Headset not charging past 55% with the new update!

Level 3

After one of the last updates, my headset (Day one 64Gb with very little hours on it) stopped charging past 55%... When I tap the power button (while the headset is off) to get the battery percentage, the percentage says 100%, but the orange 'charging' light is still on... When I unplug the headset, the percentage drops to 55%... and when I plug it back in, it immediately jumps to 100 and back to 55 (back and forth)... If I just leave the headset plugged in, it won't go past 55... I've restarted the headset several times and done the factory reset several times as well, all to no avail...

One thing that HAS worked is if I put the headset into USB Boot mode (by holding the power button and the volume down button until the text screen shows up) and leaving it there, the headset charges just fine. proving that it's a firmware/software issue...


I'm not the only one Oculus!... please fix this issue!! I really don't want to send my headset back for a refurb that has God knows how many hours on the screen



Level 2

I had this same problem since v.33. I could not charge past 54% unless I booted to USB updater mode. I did factory resets and all manner of trouble shooting. Turn out the update was a coincidence. The battery failed with swollen cells. Makes sense after I saw it. I bought a replacement off eBay and swapped it myself. The picture below proves it. I noticed the metal cover was puffed out when I took it out. I opened it and found that. The new battery works great.


Well then that's not a good sign... that means that the charging system of the Oculus isn't shutting down after charging is complete and is overcharging cells until they fail... (IMO)