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Question about Oculus software and the USB version that it displays for the connected Rift

Level 9
I frequently run into that the Oculus software displays the Rift connected as 2.0, although most of the time it connects displayed as 3.0
When it sees it as connected to 2.0, my "OCD" doesn't give me peace until I either replugged the Rift several times and/or restarted the Oculus software until the Rift is shown as connected to 3.0, including my two sensors.
I am aware that if the Rift *actually* was connected at USB 2.0 it wouldn't be an issue. (USBDeview also only ever shows the Rift as a 2.0 device, but this is the case for everyone). Regardless whether Oculus software displays it as 3.0 or as 2.0, the information in USBDeview or similar tools is the same. There is no indication that a Rift that is seen as 3.0 by the software is differently connected than a Rift that Oculus sees as at USB 2.0
So, my question is not whether it's "ok" when it is seen as 2.0 (because we know it is), but rather whether whether we can disregard this information as shown in the Oculus software? (Or differently spoken: Oculus may at times erroneously show it at 2.0 despite it being at 3.0, maybe because of some internal criteria which isn't always accurate?)
Clarification: I am not talking about connecting a Rift to an actual USB 2.0 port, this happens on 3.0 ports.

Level 9
I didn't expect anyone replying, but I did some more digging, using USB Tree Viewer etc.
I can answer my own questions:
Yes, there is no difference whether the Oculus software says Rift is seen at USB 3.0 or at 2.0, under both circumstances the Rift is at the same port, at exactly the same connection parameters. This is ok, since technically the Rift (not the sensors tho) is 2.0. Means what it says there in the Oculus software can be disregarded, if it says "USB2.0" is the same thing as "USB 3.0"

Level 12
Well you might be able to disregard it, but now you've told me about it, I'm going to lay awake at nights wondering if it happens to mine when I'm not looking.
Thanks heaps mate.

i5 6600k - GTX1060 - 8GB RAM - Rift CV1 + 3 Sensors - 1 minor problem
Dear Oculus, If it ain't broke, don't fix it, please.

Level 9
Happens to mine, but it's likely the type of port/board (Asus Z87-Pro). All I know now is I can stop checking the Rift device in the software now. However it is still relevant whether a sensor is seen as 2.0 or 3.0. If this sees 2.0, it seems indeed to be only at 2.0. But happens very rarely.

Level 3
Good information in this thread. Your OCD wont be happy with the latest v17 PTB though. At least everything seems to work the same.