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Quick question about current replacement process, what do I send back exactly?

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I was instructed by Support to send them my Oculus Go, after the front panel started to come loose along one side.. The support agent told me to send them back just the bare headset itself, keep the facial foam and controller, (lens clips and straps too i assume?).. But they weren't specific about the White Box. Do I send them back the bare Go headset, inside the original white box, packed inside the original brown cardboard box with the new label? OR do I keep the white box too, and just put the headset into the brown cardboard box, with plenty of padding, and ship it bare like that? Either way is fine, but I'd rather not re-open the support ticket just to ask this minor question. 😕

Level 4
I don't think you need to worry about the box. I had to send a faulty touch controller back once (from my complete set of Rift/sensors/touchx2), and support specified to send only the controller they had asked for, as I would not get anything else returned to me. So I wrapped it in plenty of bubble wrap and then taped it securely in a small cardboard box. i.e. I did not use the original box to send it.

I would do the same in your case - send back exactly what they have asked for and nothing else.
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Send the bare minimum, and keep anything you might want (including the original box). They have no use for any of that stuff, and you may not get it back. If you’re lucky, they might include some new parts, so you’ll end up with a few spare bits that you can keep in case you ever need them.

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