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RMA Replacement delays.

Level 5

I returned my device under an official RMA over two weeks ago. 
It was received and confirmed received 12 days ago now. 

The email that confirmed that said a replacement would be issues within 2-3 working days. 

When it wasn't I spoke to support who said that was an error in the email and it takes 5 working days. 

It is now 12 days. 


I don't know where to turn!!! It's quite frustrating! 


Does anyone know of an escalation route please.


Many thanks for your help. 


Oh, I've contacted the BBC consumer rights team via that email too. Thanks.

What is the ceos email ? I would like to know that.



That will get to his team. 


Something is very broken in their repair processing and procedures. 

They need to get on top of it quickly. It is spoiling their brand and ultimately the Meta brand going forward if they can't logistically deal with simple RMA replacements. 

My refurbished replacement came in on December 9th. That was pretty fast for me. 😄 

Over 6 weeks with terrible support and no updates now. 

Not sure where else to turn. 


Never again using Oculus Support. 
Recommend just returning for retailer refunds in the UK. 

Fed up of opening tickets, and getting the same old response of "Thanks for your patience" and "We have no further updates". 



If anyone had any other bright ideas, please let me know. 


Level 2

Hi, You should be grateful. My quest had black screen issues in Jan this year. I posted it off as advised and it was received on the 19th of Jan. Apart from a rubbish generic email once every couple of weeks from Himanshu, I am no further on with my replacement. I have never know such disgusting customer service in my life. Oculus have used every excuse under the sun. I cannot stress how bad this service level is.

Level 3

Oh you gotta be kidding me. Same thing is happening to me. They start saying 2-3 days. Then 8-12 days. Now they tell me the place that sends out the replacement headsets needs to stock of new replacements headsets to send out. This is so unacceptable for such a large company. .


I've been patient and polite but the return response is feeling more and more disingenuous with always a different person. Depending on how long this carries on, I might have to start looking for other VR alternatives out of frustration.

Level 3

3 months and waiting here.. This should be illegal.