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Level 3

Just had to say it, how is it that we can all get excited for meta connect, I even got an email inviting me to watch it on my Oculus quest 2, but yet my headset hasn't worked for over a month now? So not only is that a slap in my face, but how can meta feel proud and happy to have this meta connect on oct. 11ty when they have thousands of ppl with our headsets down? Don't u think fix this problem then go on stage and be proud? I invested toooo much time and tooooo much  money just so I can have a headset collecting dust and can't be apart of meta connect I was sooooo proud and excited when I get my headset last year. Not I have a RMA that don't even work. I feel let down and lied to .... Sorry for this just had to vent this out. 

John merlo