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Rebuy Refund

Level 2

So I requested a refund for Bonelabs today because of its 50 AU dollar pricing and the fact that I could get Blade and Sorcery and Thrill of the Fight with that kind of money. After I requested a refund, I had and still have the sudden urge to the play the game again. And when I looked at Bonelabs in the store, I was still able to buy the game. So I was wondering, if I buy the game that I requested a refund for, will it cancel the refund or will it make me waste another 50 dollars buying the same game? 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey, thank you for bringing this to our attention! That's a good question. You should wait until the refund is completed to repurchase the game. If you repurchase the game now, the system may get confused. Once the refund goes through, the game may be taken from your library. We recommend waiting until the refund is completed to repurchase the game.