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Referral credits

Level 2

I am confident I used my friends referral code before I purchased a Oculus Quest 2, but now that I've activated my headset I cannot figure out where to redeem my credits. Could somebody help me out?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi there! We know it can be discouraging to not receive your credits, so we'd love to provide some insight! 


For future reference with how the referral program works; you would send the link to your friend to create a new Oculus account through. After, they would purchase a new Quest 2 from us or an authorized retailer. Upon headset activation with the new account, they would receive the credits within 7 days. Whereas, you would receive yours within the next 30 days.


If the 7 days have not passed from initial activation, we do suggest holding out as the automated system could take some time. 


If it has been past the 7 days, feel free to either PM us or create a Support ticket since we will need to gather some sensitive information from both parties involved.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey agian! Just checking in to see if you were still needing assistance. If so, please don't hesitate to PM us as we'd love to look into that a bit further! 

Can referral credits be used to

Purchase a Quest 2 or just games? I don’t see my credits as a form of payment on the site . 

Hey @AREMIDPHOENIX, good question! Currently, store credit can only be used on games and apps. It does not work for hardware product purchases, and that would be why you aren't seeing them as a form of payment when trying to purchase a headset.