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Referral questions?

Level 2

So I recently bought a Quest 2 (about maybe 6 days ago, just got it yesterday) because my friend asked me to get one so we can play VR Chat together. I didn't use the referral link because I didn't know that was a thing and he didn't know it was a thing. In hindsight, he did refer me to the Quest 2 because for the long run I wanted to get a Vive but they're so expensive. Is there a way to get the referral set up after making the account which is only a day old? Or would I have to make a whole new account to get that set up? I wouldn't really care about doing that because I literally just got it. Kind of want the $30 to get that desktop connection app...


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there! We love helping customers with promos while they are active. Can you please PM us so we can look into this for you?