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Rift S is dead ? Black screen

Level 2

Hello ! I had some issues with my Rift S. I received it in january and stopped using it for a bit. (Last time 28 january).

So, today I want to go into Elite : Dangerous and, suprise : Black screen.

The rift display image for 30seconds then shut down for " seconds then pops up again, right after that it stay up for 30 more seconds and, magic, display is gone permanently. Only way to make it work again is by relaunching the oculus app, but with 60seconds aprox. to do anything, yeah, will not play games with that. 


I tried for two days straight to fix this, searched on reddit, contacted support, fiddled with the cables, USB and DP, updated windows to the latest version, updated AND rolled back drivers (Nvidia 3090). Being tired of the situation I went full nuclear option and reseted the PC to factory settings and what do you know, same issue. 

Very Pissed.


Level 3

Mine just stopped working after the update yesterday. I’ve got the orange light and three dots after doing everything suggested in forums from people whom have previously had this problem. This thing is less than a month old and I’m ready to return it but apparently they make that **bleep** near impossible as well. I put in a support ticket and still no response yet