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Rift cord failing at 90 angle curve

Level 5
I've been getting black screen glitches - where I get a black screen for a random amount of time ( < 1 sec, to minutes ). But audio continues.
At first I attributed this to the game I was playing at the time. The glitches were fast and few between.
Then it started glitching while I was in Core 2 home and I thought: well, it is beta !
Then it got worse. Occasionally I would get a snow crash screen instead of black. Also, I would randomly get dumped into home from a game, but under the floor ( assuming at 0,0,0). During the dump, audio goes off and I hear the computer make the disconnect beep I get when I unplug a usb device.
As I waded through the internet for more info, I saw all the NVidia issues. So I thought maybe this is the culprit.
But an afternoon of installing\uninstalling numerous versions of the driver, and other remedies floating around the net all proved fruitless.
I realized no-one else was reporting all the symptoms I was, so I started taking a hard look at the Rift cord and was able to narrow down the issue to the part of the cord where it take a 90 degree turn.
After pulling the cord through the loop and zip tie-ing the cord down before and after the loop to keep forces off the angle, I've become 100% glitch free.
I was even able to get through a round of BoxVR without a glitch !
I don't know how long this fix will last, but it's nice to have a functional Rift again.mjytg9dsng9g.jpg

Level 15
THIS. Is exactly my issue with the Rift cable. EXACTLY. I mostly play seated so have no idea why it would twist like this but is very much  a design flaw as far as I am concerned. Like you, I have had to clip the cable to relieve pressure on this kink which is a bit of a DIY solution but works for the most part. I am not prepared to spend £60 on a replacement cable until it breaks.

System Specs: ASUS NVIDIA RTX 3090 TUF GAMING OC 24GB , i9 9900K CPU, 16 GB DDR 4 RAM, Win 10 64 Bit OS.

Level 11
Wait, why does your cable look like that ?
 Mine sure as hell doesn´t. Is that an earlier cable design or what´s going on.
 A cable bending 90 degree like that can´t be great engineering ever !
Be good, die great !

Level 5
Oh that's interesting. What does the cable on your headset do after the loop ? Is it attached to the strap or does it just curve down naturally ? They must have seen enough failures to change the design.  

Level 11
It´s just an ordinary straigth cable. After the fitting, it just continues straight, bending downwards naturally.
Be good, die great !

Level 12

KlodsBrik said:

It´s just an ordinary straigth cable. After the fitting, it just continues straight, bending downwards naturally.

Same 😕
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Level 5
Those zip ties probably did it, as the headset strap is designed to move back and forth, and the cable should have some give to accommodate.

I put two layers of shrink tubing behind the clip for stress relief..., the first about 4 inches long, the second 2 inches long, so that it would keep a gentle curve in that area (when I first got my Rift, I noticed it bending there excessively.)

I got the shrink tube on by cutting it the long way, then super gluing it together on the backside, then heating it to shrink it.

I've had mine since May 2016 like that, and it hasn't had a problem yet.

Level 4
I would buy door stoppers and wind the wire through it or find some kind of cable management system 
so cable health remains viable for many years. 
  But if you do have the money then just go buy the mod to make it totally wireless then no more issues.

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator
Wait how did you get the cable at such an angle?! Was it like that originally?!
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Level 4
Also never manually bend the wires.   Like you are done doing VR for the day and you just jumble them up.

The proper methodology for most any wire is to make a circle no smaller than your families largest fist.
Forcing any wire can cause it to break internally no matter if it has a twisted or solid core.  Some 
people gather the wire up in the S infinity shape and that is just wrong!    

Also tugging on the wire is proof you need to buy a 10 foot USB extender as well as a HDMI extender.

Or buy those ceiling rings to keep them off the ground.  If still on ground then do not wear ADIDAS BLADES.