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Rift on R9 M290x Laptop?

Level 3
Hey guys, just a quick question:

I was running a Rift on a laptop with a R9 M290x, performance is nice overall, but I'm having a funky issue that only comes up with the Rift:

-I get some blinking, thin green horizontal lines and the occasional white flash inside the HMD. I don't have this behaviour with monitors or other video peripherals connected to the same HDMI port.

I have tried different Rift units and cable sets, same result. Also of note, this laptop used to run the Rift without any issues (like 2 years ago), so this was something that...simply started to happen.

Plus, curiously enough, I also had the exact same issue with a Vive connected to a different laptop and at the time using a different (other brand, non-HTC cable) HDMI cable solved it. Can't do that with the rift though 😞

Any clues to what might be causing this behaviour? Is it a connection issue, graphics card issue, or just temper? 🙂

Thanks in advance for the help!