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Room camera keeps showing up

Level 2

For some reason everytime I try to play any game on my quest 2 I move or do anything that you would normally do and then it will switch from showing my my game to showing me my room. It doesn't loose tracking but it completely messes up my game and makes it impossible to play. The screen is only showing the view of the cameras for acouple seconds at most but it it happens every few seconds and it's only gotten way worse since it started about 5 months ago which was not but a few months after I got it. Is this normal, and how do I fix it? Should I send it somewhere to be fixed, or is it just useless now?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there! We know it can be discouraging to deal with guardian issues, so we'd love to provide a bit of insight!


In order to gain a bit more knowledge on the issue, could you please answer the following:


  1. When was this first noticed?
  2. Does it happen with every game, or only a certain one? 
  3. Have you tried any troubleshooting?
    • Could you list them out so to not repeat any steps?
  4. Did anything change around the time of first noticing the issue? (Certain update to headset, app, etc.)


Along with this, could you try a manual reboot of the headset (Not factory reset):


  1. Turn off the headset.
  2. Hold the Power and Volume Down (-) buttons together until the menu loads. 
  3. Use the Volume Buttons to highlight Boot Device and press the Power Button.


Looking forward to your update! 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey again! Just wanted to check in and see if you were still needing some help.


If so, please don't hesitate to reach back out and we can take a look at some possible options!