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Saving Browser Images

Level 2

Right now, there isn't really a way to save photos on the browser. You either have to plug in another device or take a screenshot. Why is that the case? I feel like it would be pretty easy for them to put in a download image feature. 


Level 2

I need this option. I use Quest2 for sketching, concepting and preparing 3dmodels. Many times I need to download images  for applications to use them as references. Please, add option for download images on Quest2.

Level 2

Yeah, this is ridiculous

Level 2

this would be a light lift dev wise and make a massive difference in UX for designers that are looking for quick reference images. please add this.

Hey there! We love to hear from our community so we can continue to improve our services. Thanks for letting us know what we can do to make saving images even easier! We'd like you to post this suggestion to our Community ideas forum, so our dev team can see. Happy gaming!