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Screenshot not working with controllers

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I'm sure I can't be the only one that is having this problem, I can't take screenshots with the Oculus button and the trigger anymore. Did they change it, I can still do it with voice commands but it isn't always consistent or it takes too long to capture the screen. It also sucks that to take a screenshot that is quick, I have to go to the share screen, click take a photo, then rush out of the share screen to get the shot. Like I said, maybe I missed something, but I can't explain it working one day then the next it doesn't unless they got rid of it.


Level 2

Well the topic got screwed up. it was supposed to say :Screenshot not working with controllers".


Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator

Fixed the subject for you.


Yeah, using the share thing is annoying for screenshots. I haven't tried any other way for a while though (I forgot what the sequence was)

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Oculus button and trigger doesn’t work for me either. The best part is when you double tap the oculus button and ask how to take a screenshot it tells you to use the oculus button and trigger… the help is not up to date apparently and they have removed that functionality based on other forum posts. 

Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Thanks for sharing y'all's insight on this. I don't know if this will help but according to THIS, you need to hold down the Oculus button on the controller, then you can press the trigger on either controller. Let us know if this does work, or if you have been doing this and it's not working.

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Check Internal Storage. Many times, less storage space is responsible for screenshot maker online not working on Android. Some users get the “Can't take screenshot due to limited storage space” error as well. To check your storage, go to Settings > Storage or Settings > General Management > Storage.

That Guide (or Guide Chord) button is either the big silver Xbox button or the Playstation button, depending on the controller you have. Steam's own (no longer in production) controller as a Steam button. You get the picture.