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Sharing Beat Saber music pack with 2nd family device

Level 4

Hubby and I play Beat Saber together on two headsets with the family share process of both headsets set up with one facebook account, and second person sets up the secondary account on each headset.  Nonprimary headset bought Lady Gaga and Imagine Dragons.  Primary headset doesn't get to share those songs.  I tried to buy them on that headset and it wouldn't let me, said I couldn't buy additional music packs.  What?  HOW does the primary headset buy music packs so it can play multiplayer Beat Saber with the non primary headset that has the music packs purchased?  I tried logging into the primary and secondary player on the primary headset and got the same message.  It shows the song packs and the cost, I go to buy and it says I can't buy additional packs, something about Beat Saber has to buy it.  I am IN Beat Saber when I try to buy it!  Help!!! 


@libby.adams.17 Your statement about buying one instance of the game and each account needing to buy the DLC on their own account is not accurate. In fact, most if not all games will not let you buy the in game DLC on the account if they don't already have the base game. Beat saber may act differently if the music packs don't check to see if the account owns the base game. With regards to Walkabout mini golf, it behaves differently too than most. It employs a guest pass system where a person can play the DLC courses without owning them so long as the room creator owns the game and the DLC course. The guest pass won't let you collect balls or do the scavenger hunts but at least you can play with your friends without needing to worry about who owns what course! It would be nice for all multiplayer games to implement a guest pass feature like this.

Not sure what you are saying, I don't know what DLC means, but yes, what I wrote is correct.  We buy one game and we share that game on our two headsets, but we both have to purchase the music packs on beat saber, and the new courses on mini-golf, to use on the shared games.  We like to both find the balls and do the foxhunts, so he bought the new courses himself to do so.  Both headsets set up on Primary and adding a secondary user, each headset buys the songs or courses on their account (user) they play on.  Oculus Support is who told us how to do this when we asked how to both use the music packs....not sharable even though the games are sharable, you have to simply buy the packs yourself.

Level 2

Anyone how to work it if you have 2 accounts sharing one headset?  We can both play beat Saber on our own accounts, but cannot use the same purchased music paks, and, it will not let you purchase the music pak on the second account

We're running into the same problem... multiple user accounts on one headset, we can play the game but cannot access the purchased music from one account on the other account.

Level 2

We are running 2 accounts on 1 headset and have found that purchased music packs are not shared. Too bad they want full price for a second account on the same headset. I would pay for the music pack AGAIN! if it were a a reasonable price, like a $1.99 per pack for a second user. Guess it's all about the money.


SORRY, you are right.  I totally forgot I did have to buy the actual Beat Saber game two times, one for each headset, but only in order to have both use the purchased music packs.  

I was wrong above, I had forgotten I did have to buy the game again ONLY because we wanted the same extra music packs, you can't share the extra music packs, so in order to use the same music and play together, you do have to buy the game the 2nd time for the other user, and the music packs.

Yes very bad not being able to share acct music, so you would have to buy the same music multiple times for wife and kids.

@libby.adams.17 wrote:

I figured it out!  What I did was log in as secondary Mark on my headset, the non admin headset, and was able to buy Beat Saber and buy the two music packs, and also bought Mini golf and the two new courses.  Those items did transfer over on his secondary account Mark on the admin headset which he uses.  All hundred found golf balls were still there in his secondary account.  

ahan that is informative man