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Terrible Meta account experience

Level 2

I just want to say how utterly frustrating the user experience of changing to a Meta account for my Rift and Quest 2 was. On the Quest at one point it showed a product key in VR that I had to enter into a website on my PC or phone. Every time I took the headset off it would require me to re-enter the sign on pattern and expected me to memorise the web address and security key in order to enter it on another device. I needed to do this becuase until I did I was locked out of all the content that I had already bought. How is this good design? The Quest itself is a connected device with a browser available. Are your designers just too bloody stupid and lazy to use this in order that it all could have been completed in VR and I could get on and use the device and software I owned without jumping through yet another hoop? Or is it just you dont give a **bleep**? All the screwing around with accounts and logins offers no benefits to the user, it is a barrier to enjoying the hardware and games and it is done entirely to pursue of the corporate aims of Meta/Facebook. 

 On the RIFT the PC client asked me to login in order to proceed and then informed me that the client required an update in order to continue BUT DID NOT HAVE ANY INTERFACE BUTTON TO UPDATE THE SOFTWARE. I had to uninstall the software. When I went to the download page there was tiny blue writing underneath the download button stating that there was a patch for users having problems opening the Oculus software. WTF? You know it is broken but you dont provide that advice until I am downloading a new copy of the software? I guess that is becuase Zuckerberg has all hands on deck developing the Metaverse (that nobody needs or wants) ? Still waiting for a 5gb install file to download I guess that includes all the patches that add features to track my use and try and drag me onto social media so Meta can tailor adverts to my VR experience? I know that they dont improve the experience of using the hardware or performance very often.