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The Air Link option is not on my PC, and I can't connect to my laptop w/ a wire anymore.

Level 2

I haven't used my VR headset in months, but last time I did I used a wire to connect it to my laptop so I could play Half-Life Alyx. Now I can't connect them anymore, and Steam VR says I need to use Air Link. However, Air Link is not on my PC in Beta. All I see is this: 


Can someone please help me? I want to link to steam again.


Level 3

Air Link is still in beta, however you can access Air Link by heading to Settings on your headset, go to Experimental, then toggle Air Link.
It may or may not require you to reboot the headset, but after you toggle Air Link, go to it's menu on the main menu and select your PC to connect to.

When you pair your headset to the PC, check for a matching confirmation code on both the headset and the PC.

After successfully pairing, you can launch Air Link from the headset and connect to your PC.

Or, if you're setting up from the software, go to Devices and select Add Headset. Choose the headset you want to add and then you can choose to connect using either Link or Air Link.

You should check your Wi-Fi speeds before proceeding- (the requirements are seen before toggling Air Link,) otherwise you'll encounter stuttering, desyncs, and/or slow speeds.