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Tracking not correct

Level 2

Hello, whilst using my oculus quest 2, I switched games to assetto corsa which worked perfectly fine in the past, I loaded up the game and I noticed the vr didn’t look right, I was still able to look around the car but it’s like the vr was showing me a flat 2d image but I could still move my head around, since then every single game I play I get the same issue, for example, in a game of my character is wearing a helmet, if I do a 180° turn with my head, instead of my characters head turning with mine I end up looking at the back of the inside of the helmet, please help


Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Hi hi! It definitely sounds like something isn't working right, and it definitely might be tracking related.


While I haven't heard of this exact issue happening before, I have a couple troubleshooting steps I'd suggest trying if you haven't yet:

  • Reboot your headset
  • Clean the sensors on your headset by following the approved cleaning methods here.
  • Check that the 6DoF tracking is turned on. (It should be on by default unless you turned it off, or if you lost tracking.)
    • Click on the clock on the left side of the universal menu
    • Select Settings
    • Select System from the Settings panel
    • Select Headset Tracking from the left side panel
    • Make sure Headset Tracking is ticked
  • Check the lighting in your play area. It should be bright, even lighting for tracking to work properly.
  • As a last resort, perform a factory reset.
    • Make sure you check that your content has been backed up recently using Cloud Backup before the factory reset so you save your in-game data and progress.


And if you're still having these weird tracking issues after all of that, go ahead and submit a ticket to the Support Team. They'll be able to look into it further, see if there's any advanced troubleshooting to try, and if all else fails they can look into possible replacement options.

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