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Unable to complete initial setup

Level 2

I am unable to complete the initial setup of my quest 2. I have Uninstalled/reinstalled the app multiple times. I have factory reset the headset multiple times.

When attempting to pair the headset with my phone I am prompted that the headset needs an update and to make sure it is connected to wifi. As I am not able to complete the initial setup I can't even attempt to connect to my home wifi.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there. That's not what we want to hear from our customers. We'd love to help you with the Quest 2 set up.


We have found a link with instructions to set up the Quest 2 HERE. The phone and the headset should be on the same wi-fi network.

You should also have Bluetooth turned on and see it you can add the headset.


Please let us know if you encounter any issues while trying to set up the headset. We'd be happy to see what we can do to help.

Level 2

@Xonn60 I think I am having the same issues with a previously used, factory reset Quest 2 and the latest version of the iOS app.


@OculusSupport , the issue is we cannot connect the headset to wifi at all as this is the initial setup before wifi access is prompted.


Here is the screenshot from the App: 




The headset at this point is just showing the pairing code, I only have one controller connected as I had to get a new one 

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

Following this as we have the same issue. Factory reset does nothing and boots back to this screen 

Level 3

hi all!


i have an quest 1, and i also can not complete the initial setup.

step 1 is pairing.

step 2 is setup wifi.


I am also in the same strugle that i can not link the quest 1 to the wifi

As I am unable to complete the initial pairing I am unable to connect the headset to wifi. If I were able to connect to wifi I would be able to update the software on the headset. Is there anyway to update the software using my pc and a USB cable?

Level 2

Greetings @Xonn60 @GET-lab.breda @Allytk ,


I was able to get pass this by manually updating the firmware for the headset through usb. I followed steps here. But used firmware from that I found on reddit


Hopefully this can help other folks.


Ah I just sent you a pm, also managed to do the same 🤙🏼

Level 3

i dont have a mac unfortunly...

this morning it suddenly the oculus app , i see my headset then setup continued sooo strange...🤔


thnx all!!