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Unable to download or install a bunch of GearVR games

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I have been trying to download all my games over the past few months, just to make sure I have access to everything I have purchased, and I found a ton of games that won't download or install any more.  I've tried on multiple networks and on a couple different phones and the following titles simply won't download and install.  I know this is not a phone issue (there is plenty of space, a factory reset changes nothing).  All of the following titles download partially and then simply fail.  I realize that there was a similar topic in December of last year and we were assured that the problem was being worked on and should be fixed by now, but this isn't the case.  Please assist.


(Some of these titles are free, some are paid, none of them fully download or install)


0110 Run
405 Road Rage
Angels and Demigods
Anshar Wars 2
Augmented Empire
Bandit Six Salvo
Battle for Avengers Tower
bear island
box shooter vr
caldera defense
carmel developer preview
cat flight
cathotel vr
cosmos warfare
cube racer
cube run vr
dark days
deepak chopra finding your true self
doritos vr battle
earth origin
element engine
evil robot traffic jam demo
faceted flight canyon runner
feast vr
free flighter
galaxy golf
gamers generations
go shrink yourself
gun sight
happy place
hello captain
herobound: gladiators
herobound: spirit champions
herobound: first steps
icarus 76
intracranial infiltration 3d
john terry football academy
marvel avengers: tony stark's lab
micro machines vr racing
monzo vr
mr cats adventure
mysteries of china the forbidden city
neos: the unverse
nighttime terror
oculus arcade
one-man vurger
perfect moon vr edition
perfect wings
play with me
polarity ball
prime bird
pyramids roller coaster
rock and rails
samsung space battle
schwein mmu
schwein mmu demo
Shironeko VR Project
shooting showdown 2
siege zero vr
sketchfab vr
sky fighter: training day
slice and dice
son of the sea
space marine boot camp
stadel time machine
star coaster vr
starfighter arduxim demo
suicide squad: special ops vr
swords in space
temple run vr
that dragon, cancer: I'm sorry guys, it's not good
the bronze
the missed spaceflight
the nightlight
the raven
tiny island relax
turkey hunt
unity chan candy rock star live stage
unitychan flyer
vr wizards
wave magic battle
zombie rush coaster
zombie strike


Community Manager
Community Manager

Greetings! We understand this is such a perplex issue and would love to assist you. However, the Gear VR is a Samsung device, and they'll be able to assist you


You can reach out to their support page or start a chat for further assistance.


We wish you the best!

This has nothing to do with Samsung at all.  The software is Oculus, the servers the files are being downloaded from are Oculus.  This isn't an installation issue on the phone, it's the inability to download the files used to install the software.  You can find other complaints about this starting in at least December 2021 on this forum as well as "resolutions" that haven't yet worked.  Please look more into this issue.

Hey there. The GearVR was produced in association with Samsung. As they are the current holders of that hardware and it's current software, our ability to troubleshoot issues in relation to the GearVR is quite limited. Any assistance we would be able to offer can be located on this page. We would also be able to assist if you needed to make some changes to the Oculus account connected to your GearVR. Outside of that, Samsung will be able to help you out and answer any questions regarding the GearVR, it's associated hardware, and software.


You can find a page detailing the available GearVR products here, as well as a links connected to each product to "View Support". You'll also be able to reach Samsung's support directly by following this link


Thank you for reaching out. We wish we could do more for you ourselves, but at this point in time, we must leave you in Samsung's capable hands.

Level 3

I would like to direct you to for more info.  Specifically, the last response from OculusSupport, as follows:


Greetings! We understand some people are still experiencing issues downloading apps to their devices. We know how this can be frustrating as it interferes with your VR experience. We want to assure you, this issue is currently being taken care of by our team of engineers.


Again, this doesn't seem to be a Samsung issue.  The files are coming from (according to watching what the app is trying to download) so it seems to be an Oculus/Meta issue, not a Samsung issue.  The app, in fact, still says to go to Oculus for help, not Samsung.  The downloads begin as normal but then cut off at the same percentage every time.  This doesn't happen on every download, only (so far that I've found) the ones I listed in my original message.  So, this would seem to be an issue with the files themselves (maybe corruption?  bad backups?  something) not something with the Oculus software.  Thanks.

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 My vr not working 


Can you send me the file of angest

yea its definitely corupted data on their server or server itself has some issues i can confirm its defo oculus server and not samsung related.... 

This problem is also true for oculus go as most of the games work on gear vr too. What annoys me is that it affects paid for games. If you cant download a game it shouldnt be advertised on the store and meta should not be taking money for something they cant give you

@johnny_programmer wrote:

This problem is also true for oculus go as most of the games work on gear vr too. What annoys me is that it affects paid for games. If you cant download a game it shouldnt be advertised on the store and meta should not be taking money for something they cant give you

I haven't had any of these problems with my Oculus Go, touch wood, lol!

i9 9900k, rtx3090, 32 Gb ram, 1tb ssd, 4tb hdd. xi hero wifi mb, 750w psu, Q2 w/Air Link, Vive Pro