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Unlock pattern reset

Level 2

Where tf is the button in the app did all instructions but I literally could not find the button great job meta.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there! We hate getting locked out of the device. We'd love to help.


If you've forgotten your unlock pattern, you can remove it using the Oculus mobile app and your PIN.

To remove your unlock pattern using the Oculus mobile app:

  1. Open the Oculus app and tap Devices.
  2. Select your headset then swipe down to Headset Settings.
  3. Tap Unlock Pattern then tap Remove Unlock Pattern.
  4. Enter your PIN and tap Submit.

If you're unable to remove your unlock pattern using the Oculus mobile app, you can factory reset your headset.


There is currently no remove button under the unlock pattern section.


Level 15

Currently, if you have forgotten your pattern you'll need to do a factory reset.  You can do this using the power/volume buttons.  Google how to do this.  Maybe next time write this down (like you should with all your passwords) and keep it in a safe place.  Good luck mate and cheers.

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Oculus support immediately went to “You need to do a Factory reset” to correct the issue.   I’m in a similar situation except I did not forget my pattern.  Support indicated that a server issue caused my pattern to not work.  I tried to follow the instructions but like you my app did not show a pattern reset/remove option.  Support advised me to reset my Quest and said all my games/progress and saved items would be available as long as I followed the instructions to ensure I’d saved things to the Cloud.   Unfortunately the only way to follow the instructions and save things to the Cloud is by using your headset (huge fail).  Support says they are looking at other options but given how quickly they go to the reset option I’m skeptical.  

Did you do a reset?   Did you lose game progress and saved items?