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Use Elite Strap with battery and Link cable?

Level 2

So I've been playing flight simulators for quite a while and I decided to try out in VR. It's great, I love it. One very annoying point is that the headset can't maintain a charge while plugged in to the PC, and AirLink is entirely useless (the lag is extreme when whipping your head around to track an enemy in a dogfight).

Before I spring for the strap, is it possible to stay plugged in while using the battery? Five hours of game time each weekend isn't nearly enough. Honestly wishing I'd just gotten a secondhand Rift S instead, but I can't return this now.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there Cap_Arcona. We are so happy to hear that you are enjoying your headset. You should get a few hours of game time with the Elite Strap with Battery and get optimum play.


The cable link is meant for awesome transfer speed of data and for gaming. See you in the Metaverse!