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When is Meta going to fix the Oculus phone App to work with new Meta Accounts. It's been 1 month

I made my meta account 1 month ago and after that using the Oculus phone App was no longer possible to login, i updated to the latest version and contacted Meta support chat they tried to help me but nothing worked. They just left me saying that they'll work on it. Well it's been 1 month i still can't login to it with my Meta account. I haven't used my Oculus phone App for 1 month cause i cant.

The only reason i can use my Quest 2 is because i was logged in and didn't log out of it but if i had beeen logged out of it i would not be able to play for 1 month already.


Any other people's in similar situation? And why does Meta not put more workers to fix this problem?


Level 4


i was sad because its 2 weeks


consider yourself lucky at least you can still use your headset

mine is never worked out of the box


they keep saying to wait, don't understand how they cannot fix this after a month

i'm gonna return mine to the store before the return period ends

not gonna have all that cash sitting around in a big white paperweight brick


oculus go a few years ago did not even need to pair to a phone

this is what they need to do, no more phone linking

Level 3

Literally having the same problem, it refuses to pair to my headset but it turns on just fine but im stuck looking at a pairing code screen because my phone literally detects it in bluetooth but when i enter the code on the headset it doesnt work