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Workrooms Web App is Frozen

Level 2



I am unable to use the web app. Once I am logged in to my workroom I am trying to click anywhere and it doesnt respond. From my name, to schedule a meeting, to the notifications, it doesn't register any input and is completely frozen. 


I downloaded the Remote Desktop App and is not giving me any problems just tells me to continue in workrooms/the web app. I tried with Chrome, Firefox and Edge but I keep having the same problem, the web app being frozen for the three browsers. 


I made a Youtube Video of the problem so it is easier to comprehend:


Thank you


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey! We hate to hear that you're experiencing issues with some features with Workrooms, and we definitely want to help!


We suggest that you try uninstalling and reinstalling your Workrooms app if possible, and logging out and back into your account.


Updating your drivers could also be helpful if you haven't done so already.


Let us know if this was helpful!


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello @MrBlondeVR! We're just following up to see if the issue was fixed. Let us know if you still need assistance!